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Dress-up Games - For Passionate Stylists and Fashionistas! - Review
For Passionate Stylists and Fashionistas!
Dress-up games offer you an opportunity to try yourself as a talented and creative stylist, dressing up practically whoever she wants to - from an average 'girl next door' to a model, celebrity or even a cartoon character.
Cooking Games - Become A Cooking Professional With Online Games! - Review
Become A Cooking Professional With Online Games!
Cooking food online is both interesting and useful: the young ladies are able to learn lots of new recipes, try being experienced cooks, cafeteria owners and attentive waiters.
Ben 10 - The Games About A Superhero Kid - Review
The Games About A Superhero Kid
There are many popular flash games about Ben 10, but some of us can hardly remember the origin of this superhero kid - so let us remember who he is!
Sonic the Hedgehog - The New Games About The Old Hero - Review
The New Games About The Old Hero
What do we know about Sonic the hedgehog, where did he get his name from, why is he of a blue colour? Read on to know more!
Naruto Games - Enjoy Games With Your Favourite Anime Character - Review
Enjoy Games With Your Favourite Anime Character
Play various computer games to learn more about one of the world's most favourited anime characters - Naruto!
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Are you able to find all the letters hidden in this Christmas picture?
The kids next door need your help to broadcast their pirate TV network. Complete each level to gathe...
This is one of the best Puzzle game. If your brain is not yet fully awake you can play Kids Version ...
Destroy all the balls in the chain before they reach Zuma. Group three or more balls of the same col...
While working in his Lab, Jimmy intercepted a message from deep space revealing an alien plot invade...
Carefully choose which platforms to remove to get your monster to the portal.
Match the elements of the same color to proceed to the next level. Do the job for the least amount o...
Help the Bart have fun and not get damaged. Collect the coins and reach the end of the path. Have fu...
Complete the distance in the first place, and prove that you're a champion. You'll find several diff...
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